Thanks for visiting, my name is Scott, also known as Wacky Eagle, and this site is about my dog Jack, who was attacked on Feb 13, 2021.

Shortly after leaving for his daily hour walk, we headed down an ally, which we normally did a few times a week. At the same time a lady was taking the dog they were watching, off its lead to go back inside. The dog escaped, jumped the fence, and attacked my dog in the middle of the road. Jacks leg was completely broken and ripped open, hanging only by the guts that remained. His side was also torn open. All of this happened in less than 30 seconds.

I tapped the attacking dog on the head and yelled at it to let Jack go. Amazingly it did and backed up like 20 feet. I quickly scooped Jack up, and noticed the dog was coming back, but by this time the people were there and got the dog inside and said they locked up in a kennel. By the time they returned a neighbor was on the phone with animal control, another brought a sheet for me to wrap Jack up in and stabilized his wounds, and another turned out to be a retired vet.

The retired vet looked at him pretty quickly and said "you need to get him to the vet now!". By now animal control was on scene and took a full report. Also the people with the dog made it clear they would pay the vet bills and offered to drive me the 70+ mins to the emergency vet. They were the only ones open on a Sat afternoon.

He was at the vet within 90 mins of getting attacked and remained stable during the entire drive. Once we got there, the vet staff came out and rushed him inside to get fluids, pain meds, and put him on oxygen while I did the paperwork. About 6 hours later they had him stabilized, his leg removed and his side stitched up. After about 26 hours I was allowed to bring him home.

It only took him about three weeks to heal up and start demanding walks again. The family true to their word did start making monthly payments toward his vet bills. Than between covid, and all the other craziness going in the world they have had more and more financial difficulties.

If you would like to know the whole story about what happened, I kept a Jack hurt journal for 2 months starting the day it happened. The journal was mostly the posts I shared with friends and family about how Jack was doing. The first post is at the bottom and the most recent is at the top, making it easy to read the newest one at the top.